Registering with Owners Timeshare Auctions.

Registration part 1

To register a new auction you will need to register and log in to our site. At the top of the page you will see a Login/Register button which will take you to the screen below:


  • If you have previously registered you can enter your credentials into the appropriate boxes.
  • If you have not registered you will need to click the Register button at the bottom of the box.
  • If you have forgotten or lost your password you can reset it by using the Lost your password button.
  • If your email is incorrect or needs changing you will need to contact

Registration part 2


To register with us we will need a name and email address, after you enter these details click register and a password will be emailed to you.

Copy the password in the email and then click the link in the email, this will take you straight to the login page.


You can change your password to something more memorable after you have logged in.


We do not require all of your information on this page but if you want to change your password you can do so at the bottom of the page.

You can manage auctions via this page or the website.

On the left you will see and Ultimate Auctions Pro section where you can:

  • View payment methods (Currently only PayPal).
  • Modify your PayPal email address.
  • Add an auction.
  • View your auctions.
  • View your bids.
  • View outstanding and paid invoices.
  • View your watch list.

You can access these setting also from the website. At the top left of the page you will see an Owners Timeshare Auctions button, this will take you to the homepage. At the top of the homepage click the Dashboard button.