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We offer this service to owners as many resorts will not now deal with a third party due to all the unscrupulous timeshare release companies that operate everywhere.

By adding your product onto an auction site it is the best way to connect with a potential buyer and supply the potential buyer directly to your home resort for them to arrange the transfer for you! This keeps the transfer costs down and also cuts the cost of paying companies large amounts of money to advertise your weeks /points /fraction.  Hopefully you will receive a reasonable price but it is up to you as to what reserve price you wish to put on your product.


If you wish for someone to advise you on whom to contact to arrange the transfer or you may need a professional transfer of title agent to deal with a warranty deed, or an escritura etc. or just want to know where your nearest public notary is if this is stipulated, then we can advise.

Management fees must not be in arrears and the week/points/fractions should be available for the new owner to use in the coming year unless the buyer has previously been advised. It is possibly best to put the cost of your resorts transfer fees on your information page or say (plus the resorts transfer of ownership fee) if you are not sure

We advise any clients who have their weeks up for auction to check back to this site regularly to see what bids have come in and any questions that might arise by anyone that may be interested.

There is no extra cost if you have not received a reasonable bid, to add your product for a further term at auction, unlike many other auction web sites.

We ask that you give the potential buyers as much accurate information about your resort as possible and most of this information can be viewed on your resort’s web site or you may have holiday pictures you have taken that you wish to add

Once you have made arrangements with the buyer then it is up to every seller to stipulate how they wish to be paid. We take no responsibility for any information that you put on our site about what you own or the transfer costs

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